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MCS Umbrella Scheme: How We Can Help You Meet Industry Standards

Kompressor Heat offers an MCS Umbrella Scheme designed to assist non-MCS accredited plumbing and heating professionals with heat pump installations. Our scheme takes care of the key parts of the heat pump project, including design, compliance, and certification, allowing heating professionals to focus on installations and look after their customers.

Simplifying MCS Standards

Our scheme specialises in ensuring non-MCS accredited plumbing and heating professionals' heat pump installations are fully designed, installed, and commissioned to MCS standards. MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is an independent scheme and the industry standard for designing and installing air source and ground source heat pumps. In addition, our scheme ensures that your customers will have access to financial incentives, such as the government's Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), and the confidence that their well-designed, well-installed system will provide all of the heating and hot water for their needs.

The Benefits of Our MCS Umbrella Scheme

The main benefit of our MCS umbrella scheme is that non-MCS accredited plumbing and heating professionals can still help their clients make the switch to low-carbon heating systems like heat pumps, without going through the time-consuming and costly process of gaining MCS accreditation themselves. Our scheme provides peace of mind that the heat pump and the underfloor heating and/or radiator system will be designed to MCS standards and will work well. Additionally, our scheme helps plumbing and heating professionals gain experience in installing heat pumps and access to manufacturer training.

Kompressor Heat: Our Packages

We offer two packages to suit your needs: the Design Package and the Full MCS Package. 

The Design Package

The Design Package prices start from £499+ and include:

  • A full survey of the property
  • A room-by-room heat loss calculation
  • Heat pump sizing and collection
  • Sound calculations
  • Emitter sizing and radiator selection
  • Standard hydraulic and control layout

(all carried out to MCS standards and BS EN 12831.)

The Full MCS Package

The Full MCS Package prices start from £1199+ including heat loss (£799+ excluding heat loss) and include:

  • Checking installer qualification paperwork
  • Setting up zero-value contracts with the installer and end-user
  •  A full survey of the property
  • A room-by-room heat loss calculation
  • A heat pump sizing and collection
  • Emitter sizing and radiator selection
  • MIS3005 compliant design confirmation
  • Standard hydraulic and controls layout
  • MCS compliance certificate
  • Commissioning
  • MCS registration
  • 2-year RECC workmanship insurance warranty
  • BUS Voucher application and redemption (if applicable)
  • Notification of installation to the local authority.

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At Kompressor Heat, our Heat Pump Go - MCS Umbrella Scheme lets you focus on providing high-quality heat pump installation to your customers without the hassle of obtaining your own MCS certification, saving you time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your heat pump installations and help you access financial incentives while meeting industry standards. Gives us a call on 0785 024 24050333 772 2108 or send us an email at info@kompressorheat.co.uk.

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